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  • UPDATE February 11, 2019
    Across our District we remain focused on working with all of our students and staff who are grieving the recent loss of one of our Danbury High School students.  Their safety and security continues to be our primary concern, as we all struggle with this terrible tragedy.  We are mindful of hurtful comments that continue to circulate on social media that are directed at our schools and other members of our community, and we continue to cooperate with administrators and local authorities to investigate all of the surrounding circumstances.  The Board of Education remains deeply concerned, and will continue its work with our Superintendent and his team to review the policies and procedures that protect all students in our schools and to insure their effectiveness.  Please know that this District remains committed to fostering a positive school environment for all of our students and families.  If you would like additional resources to assist you in talking with your children, you can explore the following:  


    We urge you to contact your school administrator or school support staff if you have concerns or would like additional support.

    Dr. Sal V. Pascarella, Superintendent of Schools and Patrick Johnston, Chairman Board of Education

    The application links for the Westside Middle School Lottery will open on February 1, 2019. The deadline for applying is February 19, 2019. The lottery will be drawn on February 22, 2019. Notification of lottery results will be mailed to parents by February 28, 2019. Please select links below to apply:

    Global Studies
    English form Spanish form
    STEM:    English form Spanish form

 Dr. Sal Pascarella

"Say Something" & "Start with Hello"
Programs from Sandy Hook Promise

 The Danbury School District is proud to provide the community and its children with a safe and caring educational environment. Committed to the intellectual and cultural development of our students, we offer not only a quality education but also challenge our students with a variety of academic, athletic and civic-minded opportunities. We believe in preparing our students for a bright future with a standard based and enriched curriculum and the support of dedicated faculty, staff and Board of Education.