Editorial Board

Editorial Board

The editorial board,comprised of a team of Danbury educators, reviewed numerous professional publications and educational sources in order to establish the Glossary of Terms to Promote a Common Language. The glossary is designed to improve the ability of our educators to communicate with each other.

The editorial board membership was drawn from the District Development Council (DDC)members. The DDC members represent each of Danbury's seventeen schools.

In addition to identifying terms that represent the professional language which is used in the Danbury Public Schools, members of the editorial board reviewed and modified, as necessary, each term to ensure alignment with the manner in which the term is used in the district.

The glossary will be updated periodically.



For additional information, contact:
Dr. William R. Glass, Assistant Superintendent for Instruction
telephone: (203) 797-4724
email: glassw@danbury.k12.ct.us




Editorial Board:


Pricilla Beaulieu
Marilyn Brenning
Dave Canavan
Lennie Cerlach
Mary Cronin
Kathy Ehli
Tina Eide Hislop
Barbara Fortunato
Kris Fulmer
Bill Glass
Sue Glasser
Eileen Goodrich
Ellie James
Sue Johnson
Brian Keating
Joretta Kilcourse
Meg Kyparissiotis
Dawn Lafferty
Sue Mackenzie
Irene Mlynar
Sue Morris
Jose Olavarria
Chris Pruss
Sue Rice
Elaine Rubin
Elaine Schmeltz
Paula Shelly
Marni Shork
Patty Simcoe
Terry Sullivan
Donna Sue Tucciarone
Brenda White
Laura Wood



We are especially grateful for all of the time and effort that Vivian Glintenkamp gave to this project.
We are also grateful for the efforts of Joretta Kilcourse and Charlie McDonald for their work in conjunction with the Danbury Board of Education's web site.



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