Instructional Technology

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Instructional Technology in the Schools

Technology in our schools is integrated into the curriculum as outlined in the Curriculum Guides. Classroom teachers use both classroom computers and the computer labs with their students to access the Internet, create multimedia presentations, and use curriculum specific software. The elementary and middle schools use Macintosh computers and the High Schools use a combination of PC and Macintosh. The District is connected by a wide area network and uses a Citrix server farm to deliver PC applications. Every school has its own web site and parents are encouraged to contact teachers via email.

Instructional Technology Team

The Danbury Public Schools Instructional Technology Team works together to provide professional development and curriculum support to all Danbury staff, creation and maintenance of the Danbury Public Schools web sites, as well as technical support for computers and related hardware.

  • Natalie Koehler, Elementary Technology Leader
  • Justin Morgan , Middle Schools Technology Leader
  • Laura Baxter, High School Technology Leader

Technology Services Team

  • Yevgeniy Skylar, Infrastructure Manager
  • Terri Barb, Apple Network Specialist
  • Brigit Mann, Citrix Specialist
  • Ed Figueroa, Technician

Library Media Teams

Each individual school has a media center staff that includes the media specialists and paraprofessionals to provide building based instructional technology support for staff: