Exit Criteria

picExit Criteria

Annual Review

Each year, the progress of every student in the program is reviewed for increased English proficiency and academic achievement. An “Annual Review” determines what growth the student has made during the year, as well as, eligibility for beginning the exiting process at the K-8 level.The “Annual Review” is conducted by the Bilingual Teacher(s), and/or,the ESL Teacher. The results of the English mastery assessments of all students are reviewed to determine placement for the following year, and type of language services.

The ESL/bilingual teacher(s) is/are responsible for completing and filing the “ELL Profile” (see page 10) and for submitting a list with placement recommendations, including, type of language services, for all the students in his/her/their program to the K-8 ESL Reception Center and to the School Principal. At Danbury High School the “Annual Review” is coordinated by the ESL Reception Center.


Students who have exited the Bilingual Program, due to the 30 month requirement,but have not met the English mastery standard, will receive Language Transition Support Services (LTSS) and will continue to be assessed annually until they meet the standard.


Annual Assessment:


  1. The State Department of Education has developed a State English mastery standard to assess the linguistic and academic progress of students.  Language support services are to be provided for program students who do not make sufficient progress toward meeting the mastery standard.  This is done in consultation with parents/guardians of the students during parent/teacher conferences.  Examples of language support services mentioned in the statute are: summer school, after-school assistance, tutoring, homework assistance, ESL, and sheltered content instruction. A statewide committee of individuals, including relevant professionals from the field, developed such guidelines.

  2. ESL and Language Arts/Reading support services, a “Transitional English” class plus ESL content-area classes are examples of the type of services the district will provide to LTSS students.

  3. The steps taken to monitor students progress toward meeting the state standard and the types of staff  that participate in making such decisions are outlined under the "Annual Review Process".

English Mastery Standard


Kindergarten through Grade 2

•Level 4 on the LAS Links

•Grade level performance on the Development Reading Assessment (DRA)

Grade 3 through 8

•Level 4 on the LAS Links

•Proficient or above on the mathematics and reading sub tests and basic or above on the writing sub test of the Connecticut Mastery Test (CMT)

Grade 9

•Level 4 on the LAS Links

•Proficient or above on the mathematics and reading sub test and basic or above on the writing sub test of the Grade 8 Connecticut Mastery Test (CMT)

Grade 10 through 12

•Level 4 on the LAS Links

•Basic or above on the mathematics, reading  and writing sub tests of the Connecticut Academic Performance Test (CAPT)