Reception Centers

The ESL Reception Center was created to facilitate the admission of language minority students and their families into the Danbury Public School, and to help ease the phenomenon of acculturation.

The "ESL Reception Center" for Grades K-12 at 49 Osborne Street, (Educational Services Building), is a central location where registration, English proficiency assessment, and school placement recommendations are made for elementary, middle, and high school age students whose first language is other than English. Information is provided regarding transportation, and school rules and regulations to both students and parents.

The American school system is unique and very different from any other educational system around the world. This difference not only presents adaptation problems to parents and students alike, but also acts as a stumbling block when they try to use the system effectively. Part of the "ESL Reception Center" mission is to help the ESL and bilingual students and their families understand the system and use it effectively.

Once eligibility for program services has been established, the ESL Center, through the voices of its bilingual staff members and/ or trained interpreters, will explain the benefits of the language programs available in the district and will make an appropriate placement recommendation. Upon parental approval, the student will be placed in a bilingual educational program, ESL, mandated-ESL, or mainstream.

The ESL Reception Center provides assistance within the Danbury Public School System, including but not limited to:

  • Promoting communication between the student and the school as well as the family and the school.
  • Providing interpreters and translators for Child Study Team (CST) and (PPT) meetings, parent/teacher conferences, and "Open House".
  • Making appointments for parent/teacher, parent/counselor meetings.
  • Calling parents to deliver teachers' messages and calling school personnel to deliver parents' messages.
  • Assisting school personnel (teachers, administrators, social workers, nurses, psychologists, and counselors) in communicating with students and their parents.
  • Translating printed material that is sent to ESL/Bilingual homes.
  • Facilitating ESL/Bilingual parents meetings.
  • Planning/conducting kindergarten registration for the incoming non-English speaking students.
  • Planning/Conducting orientation sessions for parents of incoming kindergarten students.
  • Planning registration for new bilingual elementary classes.
  • Planning/Conducting orientation sessions for incoming bilingual students.