Glossary of Terms to Promote a Common Language


Jigsaw is a cooperative learning technique developed by Elliot Aronson which employs interdependent learning teams for academic content applicable to various age groups. Typically, students engaged in a jigsaw activity bring specific "pieces" of information or skills to their cooperative group, and each student shared with or peer teaches the others until the whole learning entity is complete.

job shadowing:
Job shadowing is typically apart of career exploration activities in late middle school and early high school. A student follows an employee at a firm for one or more days to learn about a particular occupation or industry. Job shadowing can help students explore a range of career objectives and select a career major for the latter part of high school. It is also an option for teachers within a school system and the larger community.

A graphic organizer used to help access background information, formulate inquiry, and demonstrate new learning, K ­ What I know about a topic; W ­ What I wonder about a topic: L ­ what I learned about a topic. Can to adopted to KWWL where the extra W stands for Where can I learn this?

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