Learning Tree Trunk of the Learning Tree

The Universal/Life-Long Learning skills indicated below are those skills, which are necessary for an individual to be a life-long learner. These skills are germane to all content areas and grade levels. They represent the Trunk of the The Learning Tree and need to be incorporated into each instructional unit, as appropriate. The Universal/Life-Long Learning Skills combined with the Content Specific Exit Standards represent the curriculum. Both components are required to address the learning needs of our students.

Think and Communicate with Clarity and Precision

  • Read, Write and Listen for Many Purposes

Develop and Apply Thinking Strategies

  • gather Data through all senses
  • create sensory images from information sources
  • apply past knowledge to new situations
  • draw inferences and recognize patterns
  • determine the most important ideas and themes
  • make connections from a variety of sources
  • analyze data
  • support generalizations
  • think flexibly
  • strive for accuracy
  • question and pose problems
  • think about thinking
  • respond with curiosity, wonderment and awe

Develop and Apply Skills in Technology to the Learning Process