Learning Tree

The Learning Tree The Curriculum Learning Tree Project

The concept of the LEARNING TREES has been created by the educators of the Danbury Public Schools to increase communication with parents, the community, and other interested individuals regarding the educational priorities established for our students. Three versions of the LEARNING TREE have been developed: one representing the elementary level, one representing the middle school level, and one representing the high school level. The leaves of the LEARNING TREES detail the content standards that students in our district are expected to achieve. These standards provide a global description of what each student should know and be able to do by the conclusion of fifth grade, eighth grade and twelfth grade. The standards are aligned with the national and state standards for each area.

The trunk details the skills needed to be successful life-long. They include literacy skills,thinking and problem solving skills, technology skills and communication skills. Our students need to master these skills in order to experience success throughout their lives. The roots will describe the attitudes and attributes of character we want our students and staff to possess.These aspects of character focus on helping individuals to learn to know themselves, shape themselves and then to share their many gifts. These activities also last a lifetime.

It is important to note that students learn at different rates and bring different experiences,strengths, and needs to the learning experience. Therefore, some students will exceed the stated learning expectations, others will need additional resources to reach the desired level of performance, and some will require further modifications to achieve the desired outcomes.However, it is our belief that all students can learn, grow and develop their unique gifts and abilities. It is our job as educators and yours as parents and members of the community to support these efforts. We welcome you as our partners as we celebrate the value and contributions of each of our children.

Dr. William R. Glass
Deputy Superintendent
Danbury Public Schools

Danbury Public Schools
Danbury, Connecticut