Delta Leadership Program

Delta Program

A Leadership Program of the Danbury Public Schools


The DELTA Program is a carefully planned series of administrative preparation activities designed to groom approximately 10 certified staff members annually, who aspire to become leaders in our district.


Participants develop an understanding of leadership by:

  • Engaging in monthly small-group seminars facilitated by a training team comprised of school and district leaders.
  • Shadowing school district leaders in a school or district setting to observe and participate in daily leadership operations.
  • Maintaining a Reflection Journal to document their experiences and to serve, in part, as the basis for the small-group seminars.
  • Planning and completing a Mini-Project that is based upon an identified educational problem of practice.


The core program is one school year in duration. The Leaders and Delta Leader aspirants develop logistics for the shadowing experiences jointly. The mini-project is completed based upon a timeline developed by the aspirant and is then approved by the training team. Activities and experiences for the participants who complete the core program and wish to continue to engage in the initiatives designed to enhance their leadership potential are currently under development.


The focus areas of the program include: Instructional Leadership and Student –Centered Learning, The Diagnostic/Prescriptive Model of Educational Enhancement, The Organizational Makeup and Operations of the Danbury Public Schools, 21st Century Administrative Problem Solving and Development, Promoting Meaningful Parent and Community Engagement, and the Administrator’s Role in Educational Budgeting, Special Education, ESL/Bilingual Education, SRBI, and Instructional Technology.


Contact Kevin Walston, Superintendent of Schools

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