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ESL Instruction

English as a second language (ESL) instruction is a special instructional approach for developing the language proficiency of non-English language background students for both social and academic communication. Since it is an approach, ESL is made up of many methods and practices, some of which are modified versions of standard curriculum and practices.

All ESL students, regardless of grade level or educational background, will proceed through the stages of English language development on their way to linguistic competence in English. ESL is inherently different from other content areas, in that grade-level performance is based upon degree of English language proficiency. Students enter programs at every grade level and there is no necessary connection between their grade level and their English proficiency. Furthermore, an individual’s proficiency level may vary among the four skill areas of listening, speaking, reading and writing. 

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Continuum of Services


  1. Bullet Spanish Programs

  2. Ellsworth Ave Elementary

  3. Great Plain Elementary

  4. King Street Primary

  5. Morris Street Elementary

  6. Park Avenue Elementary

  7. South Street Elementary

  8. Stadley Rough Elementary

  9. Rogers Park Middle School

  10. Danbury High School

  11. Bullet Portuguese Programs

  12. Ellsworth Ave. Elementary

  13. Morris Street Elementary

  14. Park Avenue Elementary

  15. Shelter Rock Elementary

  16. South Street Elementary

  17. Stadley Rough Elementary

  18. Broadview Middle School

  19. Danbury High School

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