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Employment Benefits

Health Insurance
Employees are covered through a Proferred Provider program.  As an extra benefit, employees can use physicians out of network as well.  There are no pre-existing conditions with the plan and it provides extended coverage.

For example, the plan will cover children away at college and employees traveling within the United States or abroad.

* The Health Insurance Company has changed for 2007-2008

Dental Insurance
Dental benefits, which include a PPO Network, are also available.

Life Insurance
A life insurance plan is offered to employees at one and 1/2 their annual salary.   Employees contribute a portion of their salaries to the coverage.

Long-term disability Insurance is included in the benefit package.

Sick Leave
Sick leave is accrued at the rate of 15 days per year with a maximum accumulation of 150 days.

Personal Leave
Teachers are entitled to personal leave each year.

Connecticut State Teachers' Retirement Board provides a complete retirement package.  Teachers contribute 7% of their earnings each year.  In Connecticut, teachers do not contribute to Social Security.


Choice of payment plans
Teachers may choose from two different salary plans. 

Tax Sheltered Annuities
An employee may authorize a bi-monthly salary deduction to purchase a tax-sheltered annuity from a list of eligible companies.

Credit Unions
An established credit union, The Waterbury Connecticut Teachers Federal Credit Union, serves the district and surrounding towns.

Mortgage Assistance
The State of Connecticut offers mortgage assistance to certain Connecticut Public School teachers. (See more information)

Details of the benefit plan are available upon request.

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