All Internet use is filtered in our schools by the State of Connecticut. Students will not be allowed to use the Internet at school unless parents sign an Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) giving permission. Parents may also elect to give permission to use the child's first name, student work, and picture on Danbury's web sites. Once signed, the AUP will follow the student through his/her years in Danbury's schools. Parents may change the AUP at any time.

Every media center begins the year with talks to the students about using the Internet Safely. These rules are emphasized:

Student Rules:

•A teacher has to be with you to use the Internet, and give you permission

•All students MUST have a signed permission ( AUP) from their parents to use the Internet at school

•Never share your name, address, school, password, or phone number with anyone on the Internet

•Use the Student Search Tools to search the Internet

•Use the Internet for school related topics only

•No printing Internet pages - take notes

•No surfing the 'net at school because we have a specific task to complete

•No chat rooms

•Don't click on advertisements

•Students at school have no email

•Don't use the Internet at school with your Mentor, you have lots of other great things to talk about!

Remember that the MOST important rule is to keep your personal information to yourself!

Suggested Rules for Parents*:

•Establish rules for and supervise Internet use at home.

•Keep the computer with Internet access in a shared room in your house, like a family room. It is best not to have it in a bedroom where you can't see what your children are doing.

•Talk to your kids about the Internet. "What's new online?" and "Who did you talk to today online?"

•Talk about online safety and stranger danger.

•Review screen names and buddy lists with your children. It helps to know who they are talking to regularly.

•Supervise all personal web pages. NO photographs!

•No web cams.

•Use filtering programs and parental controls. Ask your Internet service provider to tell you how.

•Don't let your child create a screen name that identifies their sex, age, or name.

•Keep passwords private.

*Adapted from the Connecticut Crime Against Children Task Force


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