Danbury begins . . .

  1. Eight families came from the Norwalk and Stamford, Connecticut area to found a new town. They settled in this area in 1684. Many of our streets today are named for these founding fathers. If your last name is Hoyt, Gregory, Benedict, Beebe, Taylor, Barnum, or Bushnell, you may be a descendant of these original settlers.

  2. The local Native Americans called the land "Paquiack", which means open plain or cleared land. The founders settled in an area near the Still River which was later called Town Hill and today is called Main Street.

  3. There was a debate over what to name the new town. The settlers wanted to call it Swampfield, but the court of Connecticut ordered that the town would be named Danbury, after a city in England.

Danbury today . . .

  1. Danbury is the seventh largest city in Connecticut with a population of over 75,000 people. It covers over 42 square miles. It became a city on April 19, 1889.

  2. Once a great hatting center, Danbury today makes electronic equipment, plastics, machinery, and furniture. Danbury is also the home of the Danbury Fair Mall, one of the largest malls in New England. 27% of the population was born in other countries, and the people of Danbury speak many different languages.

  3. Danbury is home to the second largest high school in the state, Western Connecticut State University, and the Danbury Federal Correctional Institute for Women. The city has many parks and cultural activities. Candlewood Lake provides many recreational opportunities. You are encouraged to visit the Danbury Museum and Historical Society on Main Street to learn more about Danbury’s history.


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