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Danbury Public Schools Registration Information

Children entering Kindergarten must be five (5) years of age on or before January 1, of the year following entrance into school. Registration for Kindergarten is in March prior to the start of school. Dates and times will be posted on the Web site after the start of the new year. Click here for 2012 dates.

Non-English Speaking Students
Ongoing registration for non-English speaking children and parents must take place at the ESL Reception Center on 49 Osborne St. Please call 790-2849 for an appointment.

Other Grade Levels
Ongoing registration for English speaking children and parents takes place at the school assigned to your district.

Where Does Your Child Go to School?
For access to the streets in Danbury and the schools those children attend, use the Danbury Street Listings.

Out of District Policy
Click here for the mandatory form to request out of district placement.

At the time of registration, parents must bring:

1. Two (2) proofs of Danbury residency:

  • One MUST BE a current property tax bill, mortgage deed, or a notarized current rental lease.
  • A current gas/electric/cable bill can be used as the second proof.

2. The child's birth certificate

3. Proof of completed immunizations:

Immunization Doses Requirement
DPT 4 With one having been given on or after the 4th birthday & before school entry
Polio 3 With one having been given on or after the 4th birthday and before school entry
MMR 2 Given on or after the 1st birthday and a second dose of measles containing vaccine given at least 30 days apart prior to entering Kindergarten. (This would probably be 2 MMR's, but could be one MMR and a measles vaccine).
Hepatitis B 3 Completed series or series in progress and on schedule
Hib 1 If entering Kindergarted before age five
Varicella 1 Given on or after the first birthday if born 1-1-97 or later, or physician verification that child has had the disease
Verification of the diseases:   Measles, Mumps, Rubella. Mumps can be confirmed in writing from a physician, PA, or APRN based on specific blood testing by a certified laboratory
Immunizations in progress:   If a student has received a dose of each of the required vaccines for which that child is behind in a month prior to first attendance and continues on the approved schedule until adequately immunied, they may enter school

The Connecticut State Department of Health requires that proof of immunization
and a complete physical examination be furnished before entrance into Connecticut schools.


Transfer Students:
If a student transfers into a Connecticut school from out-of state, no matter the grade, proof of immunizations and a physical must be presented before entrance into school. The blue medical form must be completed and can be obtained by calling the school your child will be attending.

Home Schooling
Any parent who wishes to Home-School their child must notify Dr. William Glass at the District Office at 63 Beaver Brook Road at 797-4724, starting at age five.

CT General Statute 10-184 has changed the mandatory school age from seven to five. However, parents can sign a waiver at age five and then again at age six at their home school. At age seven, the child must be enrolled in an educational program without further delay.


For additional information, contact: