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Danbury High School Freshman Academy

Mr. Dan Donovan, Assistant Principal
Mrs. Pat Talarico, Secretary
(203) 797-4842
(203) 797-4844


The Freshman Academy is an exciting program that will create a small learning community to support incoming 9th graders as they transition to high school.  A comprehensive teamed approach will enable academy staff to implement targeted intervention strategies, effectively plan inter-disciplinary learning experiences, and communicate progress and concerns to students' families.  The goal of the Academy is to ensure that all students have a connection to school, are supported academically and socially through a systemic approach, and are prepared to have a successful high school experience.

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Team 5
Team 6
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Team 7
Team 4

Main Office: (203) 797-4800

Attendance Office: (203) 790-2893 or (203) 790-2864