Learning Tree

Danbury Public Schools
A Community of Learners in Danbury, Connecticut

Message from the Deputy Superintendent of Schools, William R. Glass, Ed.D.

Welcome to the Learning and Teaching division of the Danbury Public Schools. Our award winning instructional program is based upon the following beliefs: We believe that….

  • Children are our first priority and that all educational decisions must be made in their best interest and should be based upon solid educational research, the best available evidence and validated experiences,
  • Each child is unique with individual talents and needs, each has intrinsic worth and each child can become a life long learner and achieve success,
  • Each child must have ample opportunity to meet the outcome expectations of the Learning Tree with regard to the content knowledge, universal skills and attitudes and attributes of character that comprise the curriculum for the Danbury Public Schools,
  • We must hold our educators, board members, employees, students and their parents/guardians to high expectations for learning, development and comportment,
  • We, as educators, board members, employees and parents/guardians are accountable to the community at large for the education of our children and that collectively, we must work as a team to promote high levels of achievement and success for our students,
  • In a Professional Learning Community, it’s more about learning and less about teaching,
  • We must continuously maintain safe and orderly learning environments based upon mutual respect, trust and cooperation in order to support student and staff achievement.


Dr. Glass

District Enhancement Plan

Theory of Action (January 2011)

Teaching and Learning Organizational Structure

Unification Framework-Curriculum

Tools for Teachers and Administrators to Support Instructional Programs

Student Outcome Relationships

Literacy Position Paper

Effective Kindergarten Practices Postion Paper

Danbury Public Schools Curriculum Template (DOC)

Five Year Curriculum Cycle

SRBI FLowchart 2011-2012

Vision Statement

Umbrella Competencies

PLC RC Process

2012-2015 Performance Goals for the Deputy Superintendent

Our instructional program is represented by the Learning Tree, the symbolic depiction of our district’s approach to teaching and learning. The leaves of the Learning Tree represent the content standards that our students are expected to master. The trunk articulates the universal, life long learning skills in the areas of literacy and communication, technology, and thinking and problem solving skills. The roots of the Learning Tree articulate the attitudes and aspects of character and behavior that we want our students and staff to demonstrate.

revised March 2015
Danbury Public Schools