Extended Learning Programs For Before and After School Enrichment

ANNUAL REGISTRATION FEE: $20.00 (required yearly)

To register please visit the ELP Office Monday- Friday from 8:00-3:30

AFTER-SCHOOL PROGRAM DESCRIPTION: The program provides after-school enrichment during the school year at the elementary/middle schools. The program is open from 7:00 am to school starts and from the end of the school day until 6:00 p.m.   


After-School Tuition Costs:

$15.00 after school per day


               Before school care is provided at some of the elementary schools. This             program begins at 7:00 a.m. until the start of school.      

                Before-School Tuition Costs: Before-School Program: $40.00 per week/$8.00              per morning.         


Forms of Payment accepted: Cash,Check, Money Order, Visa or Mastercard.

Please contact the ELP Department:

203 797-4733

203 830-6518


Contact the appropriate Program Manager for your child’s school

Francine Schoffner for:
King Street Schools
Mill Ridge, Rogers Park and Shelter Rock

        Marlene Ho-Yenm for:
Park Avenue, South St.,Ellworth Ave., Hayestown and Broadview
  Joann Costa for:
AIS, Great Plain, Pembroke, Morris Street, Stadley Rough, and Westside Middle School

         Altamese Shipman:                                                     Assistant Program Manager

In order to start ELP on the 1st day of school (August 25th,) all applications should be processed by August 1,2014.

Please click on Icons below to learn more about ELP and download legal size registration form!

Program Description: